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Cute & Creepy Insect Bosses Await In Action/Exploration Game Hollow Knight



Hollow Knight has players acting as a tiny, yet potentially powerful bug knight, able to find new abilities, attacks, and spells as they choose which routes to take through the sprawling world of Dirtmouth.




The sidescrolling action/exploration game will let players take whichever route they choose through its world, so long as they can find the right bug allies while dealing with immense bosses. Players can unlock or find new powers, attacks, and spells as they explore, but it will be up to them to decide if a given route is too hard based on their abilities.


Should they stumble across something they can’t do, they’ll at least be able to mark it on their map. Hollow Knight lets the player customize their map using purchased quills, pins, and compasses, allowing them to keep track of important locations for themselves. 




Players will want to keep track of everything, as it will take some effort to find all of the spells, defeat its thirty bosses, or add each of its one-hundred-and-thirty enemies to add to their Hunter’s Log. Also, it will make exploring the endless routes through the game’s gigantic world that much easier.


Players looking to forge their own way through a striking world of cute and cunning insects can do so now, as Hollow Knight is now available on Steam. It is set to release on the Nintendo Switch (having been cancelled for Wii U) sometime this year.

Alistair Wong
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