Coatsink Software has announced that it’s working with Secret Lunch to bring the characterful 2.5D hands-holding platformer Shu to PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 by mid-2015.


If you’ve taken a look at the screenshots already, I’m sure you don’t need to tell me that Shu is a rather beautiful looking, hand-drawn game. Even better is the fact that the inviting charm of the game’s cute look lives on in its design, too.


Shu is a game about escaping a deadly storm and rescuing as many villagers as you can to rescue them along the way. The villagers you grab by the hand or beard will run with you and grant unique powers needed to overcome the many obstacles you’ll face across savannahs, forests, and mountains.


There are 10 types of villagers in all: some hold umbrellas and can help you drift through the air a little, others are strong and can barge through barriers, another type allows you to wave through water as they’re so tall.


What you may not be able to see in the screenshots is that you need to constantly keep moving forward in Shu. If you don’t then the storm will catch up, snatching your companions away one at a time. So you need to think on your feet, which makes it a good job that the levels provide multiple solutions to traversing them.


If you’re after more information on Shu, or just want to see how its development is coming along, check out Secret Lunch’s website.

Chris Priestman

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