Cute Monsters Are The Suspects In This Playful Whodunnit Mystery On Kickstarter



Todd Luke’s “weird monster life sim” 24 Killers is now up on Kickstarter, where he’s hoping to raise $4,000 that’ll enable him to add the extra content that he feels the game deserves.


24 Killers has you play as a young skeleton who is tasked with finding out who has been possessing the townsfolk of a small island inhabited by monsters. You’re able to roam the island’s breadth from the start, and can do as you please, whether that’s driving a taxi, searching for the four miscreant ghosts, or mobbing around with an army of trash can dogs. The focus is on playful discovery and so progression comes through curiosity rather than ticking off a checklist of objectives.


Despite the name, 24 Killers has no killing, but will have over 50 unique and strange beings to meet that are inspired by the monsters on Laffy Taffy wrappers that Luke used to make paper towns out of when he was younger.  By interacting with the monsters you’ll slowly deduce which ones are possessed by the nefarious ghosts you’re after. In some cases, it helps to hide your identity and dress up in one of the 48 monster costumes that can be found. In collecting these costumes, you’ll find that some of them have unique properties that trigger other events that’ll both amuse and intrigue you.



24 Killers started out life as a small flash game that Luke made in 2013 for the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge. You can play the original version here. Luke has since also created the Adult Swim-sponsored Winnose, and has been working on this expanded version of 24 Killers since finishing that game at the beginning of this year. 24 Killers is already playable from start to finish but there is more content to be added. Luke told Siliconera that the money raised from the 24 Killers Kickstarter will go towards adding ”things to interact with and stories of townspeople to dive into that will really bring the town to life.”


You can pre-purchase 24 Killers for PC through the Kickstarter for $10, which also bags you a monster art zine, too. Beta access to the game and a digital version of the soundtrack can be had for a pledge of $20 toward the game’s Kickstarter. You can also vote for 24 Killers to come to Steam via Greenlight.

Chris Priestman