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It’s The Cute Ones That Always Trap You In Deception IV: Blood Ties





Deception IV: Blood Ties is all about figuring out how to make use of traps. And while yes, main character Regrina could totally be a trap, we’re referring to the other kind of trap. The sort where a banana skin slip trips you into a swinging pendulum that smashes you into a convenient iron maiden. Ouch.


The latest three trailers show off some of the ways players can get their trap combinations going in either Brutality, Magnificence or Humiliation methods. Each will likely please the three Mediums who serve by Regrina’s side differently.


Planning for your trap combos wil also be necessary so it seems to generate extra points and help break foes out of their armor. It’s also nice to see that environmental effects and timing will require a keen eye for choosing when exactly to spring that most devious of tripwire activations on foes, as it seems it will be possible to make use of environmental effects to add additional damage sorts. Miss, and you’ll also miss out on the chance for that extra piece of damage.



The game looks like it can be pretty dark, with implements such as that head-grabbing metal spinner and the Wolverine-claws encasing the armored man, but perhaps hopes to bank on some of the softer traps such as the pumpkin head, banana skin and birthday cake to soften the blows.


Deception IV: Blood Ties is set for a February 27th release on both PlayStation 3 and Vita in 2014. Tecmo Koei has also said it will release a localized version of the game in the West as well.