Cute Warriors & Mages Fight Through Hell Itself In ARPG Inferno Climber



After the land has been plagued by monsters and evil, an innocent soul makes a deal with Death that will take them to the source of the corruption in Inferno itself in ARPG Inferno Climber.




Inferno Climber offers eight different classes for their revived spirits to choose from. Each has preferred weapons, letting players use swords, magic, bows, and bombs to beat the denizens of Inferno. Each class has their own powers as well, being able to ignore equipment requirements, heal poison, or avoid hunger (as the characters need to be fed).




Monsters are a problem for players, but traps will be as well. The game is loaded with many dangerous mechanisms that players will need to avoid or platform around. If players find themselves taking too much damage from either, though, they can check in treasure chests to find helpful items. Chests can be plundered from more than once, so it’s worth checking the same spot again even if you’ve already gotten something from one.




Inferno Climber is available now on Steam Early Access.

Alistair Wong
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