Cybaster HG Plamodel Will Mark Super Robot Wars’ 30th Anniversary

Super Robot Wars Cybaster HG plamodel

Bandai Spirits Hobby Division will release an HG (High Grade) plamodel of Cybaster to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Robot Wars. The model kit will be available in June 2021 for 4,400 yen (~$41.90). [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The Cybaster plamodel will come with the Discutter sword, three alternate hand parts for each side, and a couple of High Familiars that are originally piloted by Masaki’s cat-like companions Shiro and Kuro. The model kit can also be reconfigured to transform it into Cybird, the Cybaster’s high-mobility flight form. The package will also include pedestals for the main robot and both of its Familiars.

Bandai also shared some screenshots of the upcoming new plamodel. However, the fine print indicated that these images are CG and thus do not reflect the actual product.

Popularly known in the English SRW community as Cybuster, the Cybaster was one of the first original robots created by Banpresto and Winkysoft in the Super Robot Wars series. It made its debut in the 2nd Super Robot Wars game released for Famicom (NES) in December 1991.

While it would be eventually included in the Super Robot Wars: Original Generations universe, the creators also expanded the settings of Cybaster, its rival robot Granzon, and their pilots Masaki Andoh and Shu Shirakawa into their own franchise titled Masou Kishin: The Lord of Elemental.

The Super Robot Wars series celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021. The first-ever game in the series was released for Game Boy in Japan on April 20, 1991. The latest console game to date is Super Robot Wars T, which was released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in 2019 with an expansion pack that also featured the Cybaster. Bandai Namco will shut down one of the series’ mobile games, Super Robot Wars X-Omega, around the end of March 2021.

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