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Cyber Dimension Neptune Introduces Its Heroines With A New Trailer, Battle System Details



Compile Heart updated the official website of Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune with a bunch of new battle system details along with a new trailer for its main characters.


The above trailer introduces us to eight playable characters. Check our previous report for info on Neptune, Noire, Blanc, Vert, and Nepgear, Uni, Rom & Ram. We also learned a bit more about the game’s villains.



The “Skill Set” option allows you to set preferred skills on the Circle, Triangle, X, and Square buttons. There are two “Skill Sheets” that you can switch between, as shown in the above image.


system3_2 system3_3

Skills are special attacks that consume SP. Skills vary for each character. Some involve close-ranged combo attacks, attack magic, healing magic, and so on. The skills are divided between “Physical (STR) Skills” and “Magic (INT) Skills.” Physical skills specialize in chipping away at enemy HP while Magic Skill makes it easier to chip away at enemy Break Gauge.


You’ll get to examine your skills with the L1 button (releasing the button makes the description go away). You’ll switch between Skill Sheets by simply pressing the up or down buttons.



The R1 button allows you to lock-on to a target to check their stats. A window on the upper-left part of the screen displays a locked-on target’s HP, weakness, and Break Gauge that shows enemy posture. If you manage to make an enemy’s Break Gauge hit 0, they’ll be disabled for a short period of time, making a perfect opportunity to land some attacks. A locked-on target is displayed with a cursor, which you can switch using the right stick.



Using your skills and aiming to bring down the enemy’s Break Gauge is a big part of the game’s battle. The elements marked for the enemy’s weakness is also important to keep in mind. The four elements are Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Wind.



Once you fill up a level of your Awakening Gauge, the character can activate an Awakening. Moreover, while in an Awakened state, if you get to three levels of  the Awakening Gauge, and filling them up allows for the special “Awakening Arts” that come with character-exclusive scenes. There are special conditions that must be met in order to learn these Awakening Arts.


When Awakening is active, not only does it increase skill power, but it makes your SP Gauge fill up at a greater rate. This allows for more consecutive skills to beat down enemies.


Awakening Arts are the ultimate special attacks that do massive damage to enemy HP and Break Gauge; however, using an Awakening Art consumes three whole Awakening Gauge bars and shortens your remaining Awakening time, so you’llw ant to be careful when and how you use it.



The above image shows the Awakening Gauge on the left of the character icon. The number just below the character level displays how many “stacks” of Awakening Gauges you’ve filled up. By attacking enemies and taking damage you’ll increase the Awakening Gauge, which can be stacked up to a total of five levels.


system3_8 system3_9

When Awakening goes active, the meter slowly depletes and it ends once it hits zero. Awakening and Awakening Arts can only be used by the player character for the game’s offline mode, but each player will get to use it during multiplayer.



And finally, the above is a look at the Battle Plans, where you’ll get to instruct party members with strategies. There are nine different strategies to choose from, and and depending on the type you choose you’ll see different action courses from the AI of party members. They include options such as “leave it to you,” some that prevents party members from using skills and others that prioritize defensive play. There’s even one to nep-nep your enemies into submission.


Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune releases in Japan on February 9, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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