CyberConnect2, makers of the .Hack and Naruto Ultimate Storm series, have put out a  recruitment ad to gather staff for a “new challenge” in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Game Jouhou]


While the ad didn’t share too much as far as what this new project will be about, it features various key words such as “large-scale development,” “Unreal Engine 4,” “RPG,” “simulation,” “the other side of super anime expression” (we’re not exactly sure what they mean by that), “GPGPU,” “open world,” “expression of destruction,” “cinematic,” and more.


While CyberConnect2 have been busy working on Naruto games as of late, president and CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama previously mentioned that he’s looking forward to announcing something awesome, which could have something to do with the major original project they announced last year.

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