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CyberConnect2 Shows Off Fuga’s Turn-Based Tank Gameplay


fuga 4

The latest title in the Little Tail Bronx universe that Tail Concerto and Solatorobo are part of is Fuga, the first game in CyberConnect2’s “Trilogy of Revenge”. In a livestream today, director Yoann Gueritot showed off the tank battle gameplay for the first time.


fuga 5

Fuga is a turn-based RPG with some roguelike elements, with 3D models made to look like 2D artwork. Players take control of various characters manning different weapons across the tank, and take turns based on attack order, which is seen at the top. You can also use skills, finishers or defend.


You can also swap out the positions of the characters during battles. It was also mentioned that if you lose and the tank blows up, you’ll have to restart the game from a certain point in Chapter 1 (out of 12 chapters). However, even if that happens, you’ll carry over some stats to make it easier to head back to where you last were.


fuga 6

CyberConnect2 also showed off the inside of the tank, which acts as the base for the characters. In this mode, you have several Action Points to spend, and can use them to raise the EXP for the party characters (though sadly, there doesn’t seem to be dialogue). It’s a way to strategically improve battle efficiency depending on player choices.


CyberConnect2 did not comment on whether the game will be linear, or if there will be different routes to take.


Check out the gameplay below (starts at 21:15 mark):


Fuga comes out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Fall 2019.

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