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CyberConnect2 Talk .hack’s Connection With Guilty Dragon And More



    CyberConnect2 recently held a talk and sign event at their Tokyo studio to celebrate the release of the .hack “Light Edition” art books. During this event, CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama and series director Hiroto Niizato discussed .hack and its current status along with some info on a related social gameGuilty Dragon.


    Regarding Guilty Dragon, Matsuyama says that the mobile platform’s current specs and ease of connecting to the internet is a convenience that allows players from around the world to enjoy it. In addition, Matsuyama stated that Guilty Dragon is being developed to be shaped as the newest addition to the .hack series.


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    The concept they have for Guilty Dragon’s future is for it to be something that can be enjoyed all the way through, and for free—with the force, world view and drama that we’ve grown accustomed to from the .hack universe.



    Unfortunately, Matsuyama didn’t go into too much detail on how the two games will be connected, but to commemorate Guilty Dragon’s 500,000 total downloads earlier this month, they showed a trailer for what’s ahead.



    After concluding his talk, Matsuyama addressed demands from .hack fans.


    “We often hear demands about a .hack game to be remade on Vita or an HD remake for PS3 or PS4, but at the moment, it’s quite difficult for us to work on an original series on console,” Matsuyama said. “However, it’s not like we’re not preparing anything.”


    He continued: “At the moment, the .hack series is in fact Guilty Dragon. To be frank, Guilty Dragon’s sales have been doing well. When I hear, ‘Hey, it’s about time you do another .hack!’ I’m preparing to be able to respond with ‘That might just happen!’”


    “By all means, please enjoy Guilty Dragon for now and kindly look after the future development of the .hack series.”


    Matsuyama recently shared with Siliconera that Guilty Dragon will be released in North America and Europe too.


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