Cyberconnect2’s CEO On Revisiting The World Of Little Tail Bronx, And A Fourth Title



Cyberconnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama recently sat down for an interview, where he talked about how the Western market factors into their sales, how revisiting the world of Little Tail Bronx was like with Fuga, and more. [Thanks, Anime News Network!]


Here are the highlights:

ANN: You recently opened a Montreal studio. Can you tell us a bit about why you opened a Western branch, why you picked Montreal for its location?

Hiroshi Matsuyama, CEO: “We chose Montreal mostly because it’s the biggest hub for game developers internationally – you can see plenty of other game companies here. For us to expand from Japan, we chose Montreal as our first city.”


ANN: How important is the Western market for your company?

Matsuyama: “For us, specifically, for the games sold in Japan – that’s only 5% of our total sales. The other 95% is the rest of Asia, Europe and America.”


ANN: You’re returning to the Little Tail Bronx world for the first time in almost a decade. Can you tell us about the new game and why LTB as a whole is important to CC2?

Matsuyama: “So 22 years ago in 1995, the very first project with CC2 – the first project we started was Tail Concerto. That was a very significant project for us, and we’d like to continue that. Our newest project in the LTB series is called “Fuga” – it’s different from the previous LTB games in that it’s a simulation RPG instead of an action game. Basically we want to create a world where players can enjoy the story from beginning to end, and also enjoy the world as a whole too, which is why we diverted from the original.”


ANN: The Little Tail Bronx series remains an important IP for CC2, even though there have only officially been two games released. How do you keep interest in the setting high even with so few games?

Matsuyama: “I believe one of the selling points for the Little Tail Bronx world is that it’s very centered the beast-human characters; another is that we release one every 10 years or so, and it isn’t that we’re selling it to the general public, it’s mostly that the audience for it, the players, they always come back for more. So that’s why we release one every 10 years, to answer our fans’ prayers, so to speak. But they’re also able to enjoy a new world and a new concept every once and a while.”


ANN: So specifically you’ve avoided flooding the market with Little Tail Bronx titles.

Matsuyama: “The reason we have the 10-year wait in between each project is because we do know that if we were to release them more frequently, it won’t sell as well. So our strategy is, in between each project, we build up the community of fans who appreciate beast humans, more people who would enjoy these games. But before that community gets bigger, we can’t release those games more frequently.”


ANN: Can you give us some hints on what else we might see from CC2 in the future?

Matsuyama: “For everything we’re releasing next year – from Little Tail Bronx to Cecile to Tokyo Ogre Gate, we’re not releasing just games. We’re also releasing manga – and that manga will be localized and released internationally as well.

This hasn’t been announced yet, publicly, but there’s a fourth title.”


You can find the full interview here.


Fugue on the Battlefield, Tokyo Ogre Gate, and Cecile release simultaneously worldwide in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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