imageFamitsu has the scoop on Solarobo, CyberConnect2’s first Nintendo DS game takes place on floating islands inhabited by dog people, cat people, and plenty of mechs. You’re Red Savarin, one of the dog people, who travels with his younger sister Chocolat Gelato. Red is a bounty hunter who uses a mech called DAHAK-AZI03 to catch targets.


When riding DAHAK-AZ103, Red can grab things, crates and even enemies, to use as a weapon and return missiles by catching and throwing them back at enemies. On foot, Red climbs ladders, activates switches, swims, and fights with a sword.


Solarobo is scheduled to come out later this year with Namco Bandai as the publisher. Famitsu’s info box mentions 1-4 players and Nintendo Wi-Fi support, but didn’t describe any multiplayer modes.

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