Cyberpunk Adventure The Red Strings Club Influences Minds Through Drink-Mixing, Pottery


Supercontinent Ltd aims to eliminate depression, anger, and fear, brainwashing the populace under the guise of altruism. However, a bartender/hacker and an empathy android see through this plan and will stop it using their very specific skill sets in cyberpunk adventure The Red Strings Club.


Players will need to get information in the world of The Red Strings Club, but few are going to give it willingly. Players can pry tips and clues out of people in the world through a few shady means, though. While bartending, players can create certain drink mixtures that will incline their clients to talk about specific subjects, so mixing the right cocktail can give players a hot tip on what to do next. Once they know who to target, players can create a genetic implant to alter their minds, doing so with a pottery wheel that lets them shape their mind-altering device to have certain mental properties.

Once these seeds are in place, players will have to move on to playing these various executives against one another by disguising their voice and calling them over the phone. With the right information and lies, players will create confusion and in-fighting in the company, eroding their plans by pitting them against one another.


The Red Strings Club is set to question the meaning of happiness while teaching players to love mind-controlling pottery in January 2018, according to its Steam Page.

Alistair Wong
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