Cyberpunk Casanova – A Visual Novel Of Futuristic Danger



Danger is a key factor in visual novel Cyberpunk Casanova. A player’s words and decisions might not just cut them out of a possible romance, as saying the wrong thing is likely to get the player or their love interest killed.




Players take on the role of Enzo, a rich boy being punished by his parents to spend 30 days without his funds. Taking place in a future ruled by corporations, this puts him in a position to meet new people outside of his extravagant lifestyle, and it’s up to the player who they choose to spend their time with.




Players must also choose whether to help these people. Romance options can only be explored should Enzo help a character, and the option to help one character will have unexpected consequences or benefits. Helping one character may open up new options with other characters, but it may also put Enzo and others in danger or get them killed. Poor decisions can also make a character ignore the player for the rest of the game.




Cyberpunk Casanova is fully voiced, and will feature a stat system that will improve Enzo’s chances of success in physical situations, stressful moments, and in intricate tasks. These states can be improved through mini games, purchases, actions, or luck.




Cyberpunk Casanova is looking to raise $8000 on Kickstarter as well as gain votes on Steam Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
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