Cyberpunk RPG Dex Is Headed To The Wii U



Did you miss our piece on cyberpunk indie-game Dex? The 2D, side-scrolling indie Kickstarter game is well past funded and last we saw only had some 3,000 pounds left before it hit its stretch goal of getting onto the Wii U. With about a day to go, it managed to scrape together enough cash to make it past and will now be coming out for the Wii U alongside the PC, Linux, Mac and Ouya.


Alongside that great piece of news is a new video, where you can see more close-up action of fights and a little bit of the hacking section of the game. It looks almost like Dex becomes a bullet-hell shooter type game when you hack into the system.


Anyway, with fewer than 20 hours to go at press time, the game stands at about 28,000 pounds pledged, so its next stretch goal at 31,000 pounds might still happen. If they hit it, new armors that will give you aesthetically different looks alongside minor bonuses and special abilities. With these come new areas and extensions to currently-planned ones to help flesh out and make full use of these new coats – including at least four more side-missions to be able to pick up the new gear. If they make it to this goal, it’ll also give them enough cash to cover an additional two more months of polish and work on the game.


Whether they do or don’t, however, developers Dreadlocks have assured that the game will remain the same and on-track. There’s still a little bit of time left, so hurry over if you haven’t already and check out their Kickstarter page here.