Cyberpunk VN Tokyo Necro English Release Arrives in 2023

Tokyo Necro

Cyberpunk visual novel Tokyo Necro will get an officially licensed international release. Localization firm JAST USA is producing it, and pre-orders have opened on various PC game storefronts. It is set to release in early 2023. [Thanks, Kars!]

JAST USA also created an English version of the Tokyo Necro opening sequence, which you can check out below.

Tokyo Necro was developed by Nitro Plus (aka Nitro Origin), the developers of Saya no Uta and Full Metal Daemon Muramasa and co-developer of Steins;Gate. The game was developed for the studio’s 15th anniversary and released in Japan in 2016. The story takes place in a near-future Tokyo that’s been turned into a snowy wasteland. The reanimated dead threaten the living amongst the ruins. Those who protect the living are the armed and cybernetically enhanced “Living Dead Stalkers”, super-soldiers that execute undead and the necromancers that control them. So’un Nagaoka and Ethica Kibanohara are veteran operators working for the Karasuzumi Living Dead Stalker office. One day they encounter a strange girl named Iria Hogyo, who was for unknown reasons become taret of a mysterious and powerful group of necromancers.

With a sci-fi-tinged action-heavy storyline, Tokyo Necro features a number of presentational flairs to set it apart from other visual novels. It includes “fully-animated” 3D fight scenes, and an “interactive display”-style screen where players can view the actions their character takes in first-person perspective. The JAST USA localization will support English language text, as well as Simplified Chinese text. It’ll also include 18+-rated content, as in the original release (an all-ages edition was sold in Japan in 2018).

Tokyo Necro releases for PCs in early 2023. Pre-orders via open via the storefronts of JAST USA, GoG, and Steam.

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