CyGames Releases Siren’s Concert From The Dragalia Lost Summer Event


dragalia lost siren concert


Dragalia Lost’s summer event was a two-part endeavor this year. The first was the A Splash of Adventure Raid, which involved a dragon named Siren distracting Barbary, the Raid boss, with a song so Euden and the group could beat it. She then asked them to build her a stage for her comeback performance, which led into the A Crescendo of Courage Facility event’s storyline. Now, to celebrate the end of the Facility Event, people can actually watch Siren’s Concert in a new video that has both of the Liyuu songs from the event.


The Chinese cosplayer Liyuu was picked to be Siren and perform her two songs in-game, “Polaris” and “Singing in the Rain.” Both show up in the video below, which includes story segments featuring the cast of the game and a concert with Siren’s 3D model dancing.



In addition, Liyuu cosplayed as Siren. A series of photos of her in-costume appeared on the official Japanese website for this event and Dragon. 


DSC00092_3 DSC00189r_3 DSC00146r_3 DSC00123r_3 DSC00108_3


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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