Cygames Smartphone Anime RPG Princess Connect Re: Dive’s Pre-Registration Now Open



Cygames announced a new anime RPG for smartphone called Princess Connect Re: Dive last August, and the game’s pre-registration is now open in Japan with bonuses for the game when it launches later this year.


Here’s a look at its new trailer that released alongside the pre-registration.


Players will be treated to some Jewels used for gacha and stamina recovery. Here are the bonuses that will be available for the number of pre-registrations for the game:

  • 10,000 = 150 Jewels – one gacha roll
  • 30,000 = 300 Jewels – two gacha rolls
  • 50,000 = 450 Jewels – three gacha rolls
  • 100,000 = 750 Jewels – five gacha rolls
  • 150,000 = 1,050 Jewels – seven gacha rolls
  • 200,000 = 1,500 Jewels – ten gacha rolls


Princess Connect Re: Dive launches in Japan in 2017 for iOS and Android.

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