Cygames Will Release Granblue Fantasy Dragon Knights Hand Sanitizer

Granblue Fantasy hand sanitizers

The Dragon Knights of Granblue Fantasy are ready to protect you in the real world, as well as in-game, as Granblue Fantasy recently announced merchandise such as hand sanitizers inspired by them. You can also pair them with key holders that have scarves on them in their signature colors and designs. The Granblue Fantasy hand sanitizers are 1,500 JPY (~$14) each and the scarf key holders are 1,200 JPY (~$11) each.

The Granblue Fantasy hand sanitizers are designed to be both an item to have during the pandemic, but to be used for display purposes as well. They come with a rubber case that bear the designs of the Four Knights’ armor. In addition, the bottle itself has the name of the Knight in cursive font. After you finish using them, they can be refilled with the hand sanitizer of your choice. There does not appear to be any difference in scent between the Knights’ hand sanitizers, unlike the Granblue Fantasy perfume that came out back in 2020.

Similarly, the scarf key holders use each Knight’s signature color. For example, the Percival one is a deep red with gold decorations while the Lancelot scarf is a pale blue with darker flairs. They do not immediately look like Granblue Fantasy merchandise, and you can use them to decorate your purse or bag instead of only using them for your keys. These items are part of the Granblue Fantasy Extra Fes 2021 event, and numerous other pieces of merchandise are available from the website.

Granblue Fantasy is readily available on mobile devices and PC via browser.

Stephanie Liu
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