D-Arts To Release Impressive Pokemon Mewtwo Figurine


From Tamashii Nation 2012 comes a Charizard figurine, spewing fire (well, PVC fire), which is presumably his flamethrower attack. He seems adequately articulated with visible joints on neck, arms, wings and tail.


A D-Arts Mewtwo can also be seen in a very menacing pose while preparing to strike with a Shadow Ball. In another shot, Mewtwo can be seen fighting Mew, but it is currently unknown if Mew will be available as a separate D-Arts figure or will be bundled with Mewtwo.


According to information from Tomopop and JEFusion, D-Arts Mewtwo is planned for a March 2013 release and will cost 3,800 yen. For more pictures from the event, Dengeki has quite a collection of them.