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Daemon X Machina Producer Talks Changes And Adjustments Based On Demo Feedback



Players got to check out Daemon X Machina’s demo earlier this year and left plenty of feedback for the developers. Producer Kenichiro Tsukuda talked about some of the  changes and adjustments based on feedback during Nintendo’s Treehouse: Live.



You can check out some of the early highlights below:




  • When loading out new arsenal, it’ll actually show the one selected in the front of the Hangar.


  • At the 3:18 mark we get to see the “Testing Grounds” area that allows you to try out different setups.


  • There was a lot of feedback from players wanting motion controls, but the developers felt that since some people wouldn’t want that it could be added as an option in the game settings.


  • Players also left feedback stating that enemy units were hard to identify, so this has been adjusted with markers to make them easily identifiable.


  • They’ve also added more indicators to help make it easier to tell where players are getting shot from.


  • There are several other smaller things that players wanted to see fixed or adjusted, and the developers have been putting time into getting those done.


  • Since it’s a game that allows you to traverse on the ground and in the air, it was important to make things as enjoyable as possible while also making it easier to see with so much going on.


  • The yellow line in the mini-map indicates a sort of out-of-bounds area that was originally planned to be like the ropes of a wrestling ring that allowed you to bounce around as we saw in the demo. Since this was difficult to do, it was instead made into a time-limited free-roam with a countdown. If you go farther past the yellow line you’ll see a red line that is the actual out-of-bound line that prevents players from going any further.




  • The part on the right side of the above screenshot shows characters that you go on missions with. As you complete missions together, you get to learn more about them and develop affinity towards them. They can also appear as enemies.


Daemon X Machina releases for Nintendo Switch on September 13, 2019. Check out its latest trailer from E3 2019 here.

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