Daemonical Is A Multiplayer Game Where One Player Hides A Monstrous Secret


An incomplete demon-summoning ritual places a deadly beast within one of five players in asymmetrical mutiplayer horror game Daemonical, forcing players to figure out who the beast is before it kills them all.


Players will find themselves placed on a large island with the demon among their numbers, tasking them with finding weapons, fire, or missing ritual components as they explore the vast place. While fire and harm will stall or cripple the demon, finishing the ritual is the quickest way to defeat the beast permanently. Players can also try to hide for the night, as the dawn will also banish the demon, but that leaves a great deal of time for them to be hunted down.

Players will have to take care while finding items, though, as the demon appears to just be another member of their group. The demon is fast and dangerous, but also does not wish to be discovered to make their job easier. This means players will have to decide whether they should stick together to avoid being attacked alone, or if they feel they can really trust the person beside them to watch their back.


Should a player die, they become a light spirit that can hover around, offering hints or indicating who the demon is, so players aren’t entirely without clues as to who the killer demon is. That said, the voice chat in Daemonical is positional, so players will need to reach their friends alive in order to tell them who they demon is.

Daemonical is projected to release on Steam Early Access sometime this year, according to its Steam page.

Alistair Wong
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