PlayStation 4

Dana Takes On The New Dungeon And A Boss Fight In Ys VIII’s Latest PS4 Footage



One of Ys VIII’s big additions to its upcoming PS4 version is a challenging new dungeon that will have Dana advance through bits at a time. Falcom shared off-screen footage showing gameplay of the new dungeon.


The “Underground Cathedral” isn’t like any other dungeon, as it will have you go deeper by using “Virtue” stats in order to continue unlocking paths to get further, as some doors will only open when you have enough points for the stat.


You can get these stats by clearing various quests for Dana or by rescuing Spirits. Read more about the new features and more in our earlier report.


Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana releases in Japan on May 25 for PlayStation 4. The game is headed Westward for PS4 and PS Vita in Fall 2017.

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