Dancing Mad, Magus’ Theme, The Rival, And More Boss Tracks Remixed In BadAss III



BadAss III, the final album in OverClocked ReMix’s boss battle music-themed trilogy, has released for free on their site.


The album features 20 songs from various themes, all remixed by 22 artists from all over the world. It draws from games like Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire 2, Shadow of the Colossus, and more.


The album completes a trilogy of boss fight-themed remix collections the site has worked on over the past few years. Both BadAss: Boss Themes and BadAss II are also available for free from the site.


OverClocked Remix specializes in video game remixes, releasing free albums based on many franchises or themes. The collection of worldwide artists declares themselves as “dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form.”

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!