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Danganronpa And Shiren Venture Into Mystery Dungeon’s Spinoff Game



Mystery Chronicle: I Can’t Turn Back Until I Win is an upcoming Mystery Dungeon spinoff game by Spike Chunsoft, which plays like One Way Heroics. The game’s new trailer provides its latest look, along with some details on a collaboration.


The story of Mystery Chronicle takes place in a world with no name, which prompted kings of all the nations from around the world to try taking over the world in order to have it for themselves. In the end, it was King Conlas and his kingdom to win it.


While they were able to bring order to the world, things didn’t last long, as a certain incident from a messenger of evil brought shock and trouble to the invincible King Conlas. This messenger brought a light of despair that will continue spreading across the world, and swallowing all forms of life.


Now that this light of despair is about to reach King Conlas and his child, something must be done to stop it. The only way to stop it is by defeating the Fallen Angel Alma, and only the king’s son will be able to stop her, with the help of some friends.


The game will start after you decide on a name for the world, and this will also determine the structure of the world. You can share your world with others simply by having them enter the same name, but in the end, the goal is simple—escape from the light of despair in forced side-scroller RPG fashion.


There are over 20 classes to play as, and they all have their own play-styles. There are all kinds of items to collect, monsters to fight, traps to avoid, and friends to make. Additionally, there’s an online versus mode, where you’ll get to take on other players shown at the 2:34 mark.


You can also share information via Twitter, and get new content via DLC. One of the upcoming DLCs include a collaboration with Shiren the Wanderer and Danganronpa, which will introduce new classes from the titles. Now, what better way to take on a light of despair than doing it with a Danganronpa class?


Mystery Chronicle: I Can’t Turn Back Until I Win will release in Japan on July 30, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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