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Danganronpa: Another Episode Will Surprise Fans Says Scenario Writer


Danganronpa: Another Episode is an upcoming spinoff game for PS Vita, featuring the sister of the first Danganronpa hero, Komaru Naegi, as its protagonist. In an interview with Famitsu magazine, Spike Chunsoft scenario writer Kazutaka Kodaka talks about the upcoming action-adventure title.


Now that both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are out, Famitsu asks what kind of games the Spike Chunsoft writer would  like to work on.


“I actually haven’t given much thought on things such as ‘I want to make it on this hardware’ or ‘I want to use this function,’” shares Kodaka. “As I’ve said before, I’d like to make a game that I’d enjoy if I were just a regular player.”


Famitsu then asks if that was one of the foundations that went into the creation of Danganronpa.



“That’s right; at least something very similar to that,” replies Kodaka. “I really wonder what I’d think if I were a regular player. In the future, when I become about 80 years old, after forgetting that I ever made this game, I’d really love to try it out for myself.”


As a follow-up question, Famitsu asks if Danganronpa: Another Episode is a game that the scenario writer has personally been wanting to make.


“Yes, I’ve always wanted to work on an action-adventure title, and also write a scenario for one, so I’m expecting the title to be a new challenge in both regards,” responds Kodaka.


“Games have become much cheaper compared to the Super Famicom days; however, that doesn’t mean people are lightheartedly buying them all, so it’s a given that popular series tend to sell better. With regard to that, I believe that Danganronpa has a good start, but now that the anime and such has made it more popular, now is the best time to go on an adventure with a spin-off title.”


“Rather than making a sequel or spin-off that doesn’t have many differences [from the original], we’re making the game with the challenge of wanting to go further than what fans would expect.”


Next, Famitsu asks how far along in development the spin-off game is.


“The game is still in the midst of development, but the plot is pretty much done, and we’re currently in the phase of making it into a scenario,” reveals Kodaka. “I recently showed the plot to new staff members, since I felt that the mood is a little different compared to the first two games, and thought that the scenario would also feel different, but I was relieved and glad to hear them say ‘It’s Danganronpa, all right.’”


“For an action title, the game will have quite the scenario volume, and I believe that fans will be pleased. As a spin-off title, it’ll be different from the first two Danganronpa games, but we’re going for something that has the characteristics of the series, which I believe we’re doing a good job approaching so far,” Kodaka adds.


“For now we also have some action parts to finish up, but there will be new characters, and we really want to show them to you guys. Please look forward to our next announcement.”


Danganronpa: Another Episode is currently in development for PlayStation Vita.

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