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Danganronpa: Another Episode’s Megaphone Weapon Has All Kinds Of Uses



In Danganronpa: Another Episode, Komaru Naegi uses a special megaphone to take out all kinds of Monokuma enemies, including two new Kumas that were recently introduced. The game’s official website explains some of its features.


The megaphone-like Hacking Gun shoots programmed codes with various effects. If you hit a Monokuma in its red left-eye, it’ll prompt a “Nice Shot,” and can even take out regular Monokumas in one shot.


You can also purchase customizable settings at the shop that can increase the number of bullets, damage, or multi-shot abilities. There are eight different types of Word Bullets that can be used to attack Monokumas as well as various other purposes.




Here are the eight different Word Bullets:


  • Break: damages Monokumas.


  • Burn: burns Monokumas. Can be used as multi-shots.


  • Shock: paralyzes and damages Monokumas. This one can affect all the Monokumas in range.


  • Fly: blows away Monokumas. It can work against several Monokumas at a time.


  • Connect: temporarily lets you control a Monokuma.


  • Move: lets you move electronic devices. This shot can be used on things like switches and switchboards that can open new paths.


  • Observe: allows you to use a beam to display things that normally can’t be seen.



Danganronpa: Another Episode will be released in Japan on September 25, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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