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Danganronpa Director Wants To Make Games For PlayStation 4


Danganronpa director Kazutaka Kodaka recently appeared on the Kinda Funny podcast on which he talked about Danganronpa 3 and expressed interest in making games for PlayStation 4.


“Honestly, as a creator I want to make something for PS4,” Kodaka said (35:30 in the podcast). “But looking at the sales numbers of Danganronpa 1 and 2 in Japan that kinda determined that Ultra Despair Girls would be on Vita. That said, since Another Episode has come out in Japan, and the success of the series [in the west], that might change in the future.”


Kodaka added that no matter what platform a Danganronpa game comes out on the goals for it will always be the same, which isn’t photorealism or anything like that, but to make it uniquely a Danganronpa game.



Further, Kodaka talked about the upcoming Danganronpa 3, saying that he thinks it’s “going to come out in a form that no one is going to expect.” He also said that plenty of friends and acquaintances have come up to him to try to guess what Danganronpa 3 will be like, but they’ve all been completely wrong. “When it’s time to announce the game and to more details then people are going to really surprised by what they see,” he said.


Danganronpa is a title that I can play around with so I’m kinda looking forward to fiddling around with people’s emotions and expectations when it comes to the time to announce the game,” Kodaka added.

Chris Priestman