Danganronpa Producer Yuichiro Saito Leaves Spike Chunsoft



Spike Chunsoft producer Yuichiro Saito, a.k.a Shirokuro P, best known for his work on the Danganronpa and Conception series, announced his departure from the company.


Producer Saito said in the tweet that as of the end of October, he has officially resigned from his position at Spike Chunsoft, and shared a few pictures of a Danganronpa-style surprise farewell party that was held for him. He mentioned that he’ll be working as a producer for console games in a whole new world, and thanked everyone for their support.


If you’re wondering, he’s wearing Doraemon pajamas that was a gift from the staff that knew how much he loved Doraemon. The producer wrapped things up by saying that he hopes to see the Danganronpa series, that continued growing with him and the fans, continues being loved by everyone.

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