Danganronpa Puyo Puyo Collaboration Announced

Danganronpa Puyo Puyo Collaboration Items

Sega announced through a special Puyo Puyo broadcast that a Danganronpa and Puyo Puyo collaboration event is on the way. This special event will allow consumers to purchase collaboration items like acrylic standees, an accessory case, and a leather-bound sticky note pad. Additionally, collaborations with other brands, such as Sanrio and Sailor Moon, were announced. Each collaboration will be held in April and June 2021, respectively. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

A total of two acrylic standees and acrylic keychains will be available to purchase as part of the collaboration. The standees will cost ¥1,600 (or approximately $15), while the keychains will cost ¥1,300 (or roughly $12). A special Danganronpa and Puyo Puyo pocket mirror is included in the line-up. Consumers can get their hands on the pocket mirror for ¥1,000 (or $9), while the leather-bound sticky note pad will cost ¥500 (or roughly $4). The accessory case will cost ¥800 (or roughly $7).

You can check out these items below.

Additionally, purchase of ¥2,200 (roughly $21) or more will receive a special Danganronpa Puyo Puyo collaboration postcard. These cards will be randomly distributed, so if you want to get your hands on both designs, you may need to make several purchases.

Sanrio and Sailor Moon will see a similar collaboration with Puyo Puyo. Exclusive collaboration merchandise will be released for a limited time. This includes exclusive keychains, plushes, a Sanrio and Puyo Puyo collaboration tote bag, and a Sailor Moon mubichike card.

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