Dark Devotion Offers Ruthless Sidescrolling Combat In A Gloomy Temple


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Dark Devotion is a sidescrolling action game that will demand all of a player’s attention for every enemy they come across, as all of the game’s foes feature complex attacks and movements that players will need to learn and avoid if they wish to survive.


Players will find themselves returned to life by their god, but they’ve been revived inside a foreboding temple filled with traps and monstrosities. Each of these creatures has their own movement style and attacks, some involving strange delays or leaps that can close range quickly, all dealing high damage. Players will want to study each creature, fighting defensively so that they can learn how to best avoid every possible hit.

Once players are on the offensive, they will be able to swap between several different equipped weapons, allowing them to choose which will be most effective. Each of their weapons has certain wind-up times and swing distances that players will want to consider in relation to enemy attacks as well, making every encounter complicated. That, and there are hidden traps that can throw off a given battle as well.


Dark Devotion is currently in development with no set release date, according to its site.

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