The Dark Digital World Of Memory Of A Broken Dimension Is Now On Greenlight



Ezra Hanson-White (also known as XRA) has put Memory of a Broken Dimension  on Steam Greenlight along with a new teaser trailer that may confuse, fascinate, and scare you all at once.


Memory of a Broken Dimension has remained one of the most intriguing games to emerge on my radar since 2012. Mostly, it’s a first-person exploration game of a fractured world of digital artefacts and juddering visual interruptions, seen through the grey tones of a 3D surveying tool, with some psychological horror undertones.


The game starts with you interacting with a trail of files on the RELICS virtual desktop before you manage to find a way to dive into its emulator, shifting into the first-person perspective. Once inside, you attempt to map out the severe environment by piecing it back together in non-linear fashion.


If you’re not intrigued by the idea of Memory of a Broken Dimension then at least give the trailer above a watch. You never know—it may catch your interest.


If it does, consider giving the game an upvote for Greenlight, thus enabling XRA to bring it to Steam. You can find out more information about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman
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