Dark Fantasy Visual Novel Baroque Syndrome Launches For Smartphones In Japan



Baroque Syndrome, the visual novel prequel of the post-apocalyptic horror roguelike Baroque, originally released for the PlayStation in 2000 and fans in Japan can now get it on smartphones.


The original Baroque released as a horror roguelike for the Sega Saturn in 1998 followed by a PlayStation port in May 1999. It was later remade for PlayStation 2 in June 2007 in Japan, followed by a North American release in April 2008 and European release in July 2008. It continued with a release on Wii and iOS.


Baroque Syndrome, the prequel visual novel released for the PlayStation and it hasn’t released on other platforms. The iOS and Android version is a direct port of the original visual novel, with some adjustments for its controls to be played on smartphones as shown in the above video.


The smartphone version has a new skip function that lets you skip story parts that you’ve already seen, and a log for dialogue so that you can go back to see any text you may have missed.


Baroque Syndrome is available in Japan for iOS and Android for 600 yen.

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