Dark Souls Collab With Apparel Maker SuperGroupies Brings A Fancy Wristwatch And Bag



    The Dark Souls series is collaborating with apparel maker SuperGroupies to make a fancy wristwatch and bag based on the series. Fans of the series can order their own until September 17, 2018.


    Dark Souls Model Wristwatch


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    The Dark Souls Model Wristwatch has Executioner Smough and Dragon Slayer Ornstein on the moon phase part.


    006 007



    As far as pricing goes, the Dark Souls Model Wristwatch will set you back 29,800 yen plus tax.


    Oscar, Knight of Astoria Model Bag


    011 012

    As for the Oscar, Knight of Astora Model Bag, it has a design based on the very same knight from Dark Souls. It is mostly designed based on the Crest Shield that he wields


    013 014

    015 016

    The bag is a perfect size two-way tote that can be used for laptops. It even includes a subtle Estus Flask charm as a little reference to the character.




    The Oscar, Knight of Astora Model Bag goes for 14,800 yen plus tax.


    Both the Dark Souls Model Wristwatch and Oscar, Knight of Astora Model Bag are available for pre-order at the SuperGroupies store until September 17, 2018.

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