The Darkness Of Limbo And Ico’s Cooperation Come Together In Monochroma



Atmosphere is one of the most difficult attributes in videogames, and Kickstarted game Monochroma is hoping to get it right. Billing itself as Ico meets Limbo, the side-scrolling adventure puzzle game is trying to push all the atmospheric buttons it can.



Developers Nowhere Studios’ game will star you as an older brother, following and helping your younger brother through the world and to its end in an alternate, industrial-alchemic 1950s world. While out playing in the woods, they spot something unspeakable by a corporation that’s building robots for mankind.



While moving about, the younger brother gets injured along the way, adding a new layer to the realistic physics puzzles for players—you’ll have to carry him along, Ico-style. He’s scared of the dark, though, requiring you to solve puzzles where putting him down in sources of light is necessary for awhile. The monochrome world is splashed with red, which might seem overused, but still makes for great contrast in the stark and dystopic world here.


There’s a meaty demo available on their Kickstarter page, and the game’s also on Steam Greenlight and almost ready for purchase. The game is expected to last about six hours with some 60 odd puzzles to complete.


Monochroma will be available for PC, Mac and Linux.