Darkness Rises Reaches 25 Million Downloads, Celebrates With A Samurai Shodown VI Collab



Nexton’s smartphone action RPG Darkness Rises has reached a new milestone of 25 million downloads worldwide, and they’re celebrating with a special collaboration with SNK’s Samurai Shodown VI.


Through May 9, 2019, players who take on the dungeons of Darkness Rises can check out some of the limited-time bonuses and a series of in-game updates.


As for the Samurai Shodown VI collaboration content, it features costumes based on Samurai Shodown VI’s Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Genjuro Kibagami, and Cham Cham. It also includes five new pets featuring mini versions of five characters from Samurai Shodown VI.


Lastly, as part of the game’s 25 million downloads celebration, there’s a 7-day log-in bonus going on with A+ ranked gear chests, gold, and more.


Darkness Rises is available on iOS and Android.

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