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Date a Live: Ren Dystopia Details Its Premise And Returning Heroines


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Compile Heart has opened the official site for Date a Live: Ren Dystopia (previously reported as Hachisu Dystopia), and the site reveals a bit more about the premise of how Shido and the Spirits end up in Ren’s world of dreams.



ren dystopia 1


One normal night, Shido sees a strange dream. From within the darkness, he could hear someone’s voice.


When he woke up, by his pillow was a never-before-seen container that had the shape of a snake carved on it.


Believing it to be a prank by someone else, Shido asks everyone if they know what it is. And when he opened the container…



Each character has been redrawn with new outfits for this latest game.


WARNING: Spoilers from later novels may be present


Shido Itsuka

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A second-year who attends Raizen High School in Tenguu City. Due to previous events, he awakened to the power of sealing Spirits’ powers within his body. Since then, he has been helping out his foster sister Kotori’s organization, Ratatoskr, in saving various Spirits.


Because his parents are always busy and are always away, he’s in charge of all the household work and cooking.


Tohka Yatogami (CV: Marina Inoue)

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A Spirit known by the codename Princess. Her Angel is Sandalphon.


A beautiful girl with a hair color that evokes the image of the night. She’s cheery and quick to trust others, and is a big eater who loves bread and Shido’s cooking.


Origami Tobiichi (CV: Misuzu Togashi)

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A Spirit codenamed Angel, who wields the Angel Metatron.


Due to a certain event, she became a Spirit. She’s got a mix of two personalities – one that is straightforward and acts according to impulses, that originated from the old world; and a gentler, shyer Origami that originates from the reconstructed world. Currently, her personality is closer to her former self.


Yoshino (CV: Iori Nomizu)

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The Spirit with the codename Hermit, who can manifest the Angel Zadkiel. She’s a shy, gentle girl who hates conflict. The puppet on her left hand is her close friend, Yoshinon, who’s got a bright but snarky personality. They get along very well.


Kurumi Tokisaki (CV: Asami Sanada)

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The “Nightmare” Spirit, who uses the Angel Zafkiel. She’s the “Worst Spirit” who was the only one that Shido was unable to seal. She has the power to control time, and will do anything to achieve her goals. As she needs a massive amount of Spirit energy in order to do so, she cooperated with Shido aiming to gain the Spirit energy sealed within him.


Kotori Itsuka (CV: Ayana Taketatsu)

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The Spirit known as Efreet, who uses the Angel Camael. She’s Shido’s foster sister, and the commander of Ratatoskr. Her personality changes with the ribbon she wears – when she wears her white ribbon, she acts as an innocent and cute little sister, but when she wears her black ribbon, she enters her harsh and responsible commander personality.


Kaguya Yamai (CV: Maaya Uchida)

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A Spirit with the codename Berserk, who wields the Angel Raphael. Originally, she was one part of the Spirit, Yagami, who split apart into two. She’s got a bright and honest personality, but has “chuunibyou”, and uses cool-sounding words and poses when speaking.


Yuzuru Yamai (CV: Sarah Emi Bridcutt)

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The other Yamai sister, who also uses Raphael. She’s got a laid-back, calm personality, but is actually very expressive with her emotions, which she expresses by stating how she feels before she says anything.


Miku Izayoi (CV: Minori Chihara)

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dal 19


The “Diva” Spirit, who uses Gabriel. She’s working as a popular idol, and is so well-known that she would be recognized on the street. She doesn’t like men outside of Shido and instead fawns over cute girls, so she loves the other Spirits and Shido while crossdressing.


Natsumi (CV: Ayumi Mano)

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The Spirit codenamed “Witch”, who uses her Angel, Haniel. She’s got a complex over her unkept hair and small body frame, and has a self-loathing personality where she instantly sees any comments as persecuting her. Using her transformation power, she shapeshifts into an adult form that is Natsumi’s ideal image.


Ren (CV: ???)

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Date A Live: Ren Dystopia comes out for PlayStation 4 in Summer 2019.

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