Date The Daughter Of The King Of Demons Or The King Of Gods In Shuffle! [Update]



When a pair of doors open up, connecting the world of humans with the worlds of demons and gods, it turns the world into a much stranger place. That event has nothing on the moment when Rin finds the King of the Gods and the King of the Demons are his new neighbors, and that both of their daughters are smitten with him in Shuffle!.




The visual novel, which originally released back in 2004, has recently received an English Steam release. This version offers the same five women the player could date in the original, as well as two more romance routes to entice players to try the game all over again.




Shuffle! promises 10-30 hours of gameplay, depending on how many of the women the player wishes to get closer to and how well they learn the characters’ likes and dislikes.


Shuffle! has been pulled from Steam, having been released accidentally before the intended date. The publishers have released the following statement:


We want to apologise for this. It was never our intention to release it and were very surprised and shocked to suddenly have it released. We worked closely with Steam on this situation and they have helped us resolve the problem.


We apologise to everyone who bought the game. It hasn’t been removed from your account, but will be returning upon the real release date.
For those of you who managed to download it, you are welcome to play it, but we want you to understand that it is not the final version of the game and that you will possibly run into bugs.


The full statement can be read here.

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