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Dating In Demon Gaze II Is Practical


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Demon Gaze II offers quite a few firsts in the series. One of them is party members that are preset with different personalities and builds in mind. Another is a whole dating system that focuses on these characters and helps you improve them through interactions. While this is fanservice, it is the sort that rewards people on multiple levels. In addition to the sort of “touching” minigame that has become so common in Vita games, there are also elements that help make these characters better in battle.


You can not immediately begin dating your demons in Demon Gaze II. Of course, the first thing you have to do is actually find some. Pegasus appears immediately, Then you get Capricorn, Leo, Libra, Cygnus, Canus, Lepus, Vulpecula, Taurus, Centaur, and quite a few others. (Some only show up in the post game. Also, Canus is the only male demon I have seen.) These are found in dungeons and on quests. But another thing you will find in dungeons are Maintenance Crystals. These special gems allow players to perform maintenance on demons. I have not come across a reliable and guaranteed way to acquire them when delving into dungeons, but they aren’t exactly rare. It is not difficult to find enough to max out multiple demons’ affections.


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Maintenance is the touching minigame. It is a little like Minesweeper. You have the demon’s body in front of you and you need to poke the “Perfect” spot when checking their condition. During practice, you have five chances to find spots. Once you start for real, you have three. And after finding the Perfect spot once, you will need to try a different spot since it does not end up being the same spot twice in a row. It is easy to go from a lower level, like one to two, but eventually it takes longer to max out emotions so you can take demons on date.


There are two benefits to Maintenance. One is the acquisition of skills and the other is the opportunity to actually go on a date. Let’s use Pegasus as an example, since she is someone everyone will get immediately. Once her Likability is max out at different levels and she is dated, you can get new demon skills and stat boosts. At level two, she will learn Pegasus Aegis I. After she gets to level three, she gets Iron Shell II. When level four comes around, she learns Pegasus Aegis II. All of these are great defensive skills for a character who can be a good tank and protector. Once a level is maxed out, you can go on a date. This gives you a visual novel event and stat boost.


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There were times where I kind of wished I could jump straight to the dates and only engage in that part of Demon Gaze II. The extra skills are great, don’t get me wrong. But each time you go on a date, you get stat points for the demon and your avatar. (I noticed I would get two points in a stat for both characters.) The Demon Cross rate improves for that character too. I felt like I got more out of the extra stat points, especially since my Demon Gazer has been getting quite powerful from these relationship segments


Dating can really end up feeling rewarding in Demon Gaze II. It is not just because of moments you can share with characters or the eventual ending scenes for characters after you beat the game (or even see in the post-game). It is about the practical application they have in battle. Getting those extra stats for the demon and your Demon Gazer, as well as the skills, is a big help. It really helps make characters you may like shine while alleviating some grinding a little.


Demon Gaze II is available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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