Dating Sim Animal Lover Funded On Kickstarter, Gets New Trailer



Trainwreck Studios has reached its Kickstarter funding goal of $6,000 for its Katawa Shoujo-inspired dating sim Animal Lover. To celebrate, the studio has released a new trailer for the game, which you can watch above. It’s also still looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.


Animal Lover is about a girl called Lucy Liebowitz (or whatever you name her) who happens across a former prince who was turned into a hamster – he’s set free with a kiss (very much like the classic tale “The Princess and the Frog”).


After getting to know him, she helps him find four other guys who have also been struck with this animal curse for decades. You’ll have to make choices along the way as you eventually discover who spread this curse and why.


Of course, this being a dating sim, once you’ve found the men you can try your moves on them to see if there’s any chance of love blossoming. You can download an early alpha build of Animal Lover if you want to try it out right here.


A copy of Animal Lover either on PC, Android, or Ouya can be yours for $5 on the Kickstarter. The current estimated arrival of those is June 2016.

Chris Priestman