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Dating Sim-Turned-Anime White Album 2 Coming To PS Vita This November


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To coincide the anime adaptation airing in Japan this fall, Aquaplus will release a PlayStation Vita port of Leaf’s popular dating sim White Album 2. The game was first released in two installments for the PC in 2010 and 2011. Titled White Album 2: The Other Side of Happiness, the Vita version will include both chapters just like the PS3 port.


The story is centered around Haruki Kitahara, the second guitar player in his school’s light music club. When the school festival approaches, he seeks out new members and recruits the two heroines, the vocalist Setsuna Ogiso (left) and the pianist Kazusa Touma (right). The Introductory Chapter tells the events that take place in their third year of high school, whereas the Closing Chapter is set in Haruki’s third year of college.

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The PS Vita port will include the options to turn off event illustrations and bust-up character portraits. If you want to turn off both, you can switch to Novel Mode, which displays just text.


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c20130815_wa2_27_cs1w1_640x363In addition, the game will include an icon that appears on the screen before a famous scene voted on by fans. According to Producer Naoya Shimokawa, this will prevent you from embarrassing yourself by crying in public.


A special edition of the game will come with two Niitengo miniature figures of Setsuna and Kazusa. As a pre-order bonus, players can also get a download code for a movie of the White Album 2 Special Encore event that took place on April 7, featuring musical performances by the voice actresses.


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White Album 2 will be released for the PlayStation Vita on November 28. The anime adaptation will begin airing in Japan this October.