Daum Games Asks What Type Of Servers Black Desert Should Have



Daum Games Europe has put up a poll for people interested in playing Black Desert in North America and Europe to vote on what server configuration they think the game should have.


The options in the poll are: Multiple servers per region (with 1 to 5 or 5 to 10 channels per server), a Mega-Server for each region, or Dynamic Servers.


Multiple servers are standard for most MMORPGs, splitting the entire player base of a region across many different servers. Mega-Servers are known, too, which mean having each region’s entire base inside a single server.


Dynamic Servers, on the other hand, require some explanation, and Daum Games has provided one.


“In regards to Dynamic Channels, this is a concept to allow for additional channels that are turned on and off automatically as needed to facilitate the players online. As an example let’s say that there are 5 channels; each channel is at 80% capacity.  When this happens an additional channel is activated, and once the total population online falls below the threshold the additional channels are closed and players still in it/them are relocated to a remaining channel (along with any workers in the channel with them).  Dynamic channels is not a feature available in any region currently and is just a concept, hence why it has a stand alone poll.”


If you’re interested in the server configuration and what to put your vote into the ring then you can do so on the Black Desert forums. Black Desert’s second closed beta is due to launch on February 18th with the full game launching later this year.

Chris Priestman