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Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Reveals Its Senran Kagura “Costume Breaks”



Koei Tecmo recently teased a look at their collaboration costumes with Marvelous’ Senran Kagura series, but now that the DLCs are available in Japan, here’s a look at all 16 costumes from the crossover.


doa5lr-kagura_150324-2 doa5lr-kagura_150324-3

doa5lr-kagura_150324-4 doa5lr-kagura_150324-5

doa5lr-kagura_150324-6 doa5lr-kagura_150324-7

doa5lr-kagura_150324-8 doa5lr-kagura_150324-9 doa5lr-kagura_150324-10 doa5lr-kagura_150324-11

doa5lr-kagura_150324-12 doa5lr-kagura_150324-13 doa5lr-kagura_150324-14 doa5lr-kagura_150324-15

doa5lr-kagura_150324-16 doa5lr-kagura_150324-17



Additionally, here’s a look at all the costumes when they’re in their “costume break” mode, courtesy Game Jouhou:


doa5-kagura_150324-1 doa5-kagura_150324-2

doa5-kagura_150324-3 doa5-kagura_150324-4 doa5-kagura_150324-5 doa5-kagura_150324-6 doa5-kagura_150324-7 doa5-kagura_150324-8doa5-kagura_150324-9 doa5-kagura_150324-10 doa5-kagura_150324-11 doa5-kagura_150324-12 doa5-kagura_150324-13 doa5-kagura_150324-14 doa5-kagura_150324-15 doa5-kagura_150324-16

In Japan, the set of all 16 costumes are available for 3,428 yen on PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360, with the set going for 3,672 on Xbox One.


You can also check out Koei Tecmo’s latest trailer that shows the girls sporting the costumes in action:



The Senran Kagura collaboration costumes are expected to launch sometime this month in the West.

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