PlayStation Vita

Over My Dead Body 2 Has Classes Like Spearmen And Dancer



Sony Computer Entertainment recently shared a bunch of information on their upcoming PlayStation Vita RPG Over My Dead Body 2, where you’ll be playing as various characters from a family with a cursed bloodline. In addition to Swordsman and Archer, Sony have provided a look at two new classes.

Spearmen specialize in attacks with long reach, and are quite powerful, not to mention that they can also equip some sturdy armor, making them one of the more balanced classes.

Thanks to their light weight and high attack power, it gives them the edge in offense on the battlefield.

Meanwhile, the Dancer class specializes in arts. While Dancers may not have the destructive powers of a Spearman, they make up for it using their fans that can attack in wide ranges.

Dancers are also pretty evasive, so they’ll be able to dodge enemy hits easier than most other classes. This will be one of the key benefits of having a Dancer on your side.

Over My Dead Body 2 will be released this summer for PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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