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Over My Dead Body 2 Shows How You’ll Be Expanding Your Family Tree


In Over My Dead Body 2, you’ll be playing as a family with a cursed bloodline that allows them to only live with a lifespan of about two years, due to a curse by the ventriloquist villain Abeno Seimei. In order to keep your family tree growing, you’ll need to pass your offspring through various gods and deities.


Another effect from the curse makes it so that the cursed bloodline can no longer mate with normal people. However, they can bear offspring through other cursed families, or through a ritual with gods.


In order to do so, you’ll need “Dedication Points” to offer to the gods, which can be acquired through winning battles.


As seen in the above images, the one on the left indicates how many Dedication Points you’ll be needing to pass an offspring through those gods in particular. The more powerful the gods are, the stronger your kids will be. However, they’ll also require more points.


From there, the child will inherit the gods’ powers, which are divided into different attributes. They’ll also inherit physical traits from the gods, such as face and body types.

The graphs indicate ability parameters for heart, skills, and body. They’ll all have elemental attributes from fire, water, wind, and earth.

Horns and other distinct features will also be passed on from the gods, so you might want to think about appearances if you’re picky about those kind of things, to go with the abilities.

Here’s a look at four new gods who’ll be candidates for the inheritance ritual:

Oyuu Benigasa:

Kukurihime Sakanoue:


Wanihiko Yahiro:


Kosan Wakatake:


Over My Dead Body 2 is slated for release this summer for PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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