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Dead or Alive 6 Gets A Batch Of 25 DLC Deluxe Costumes



Koei Tecmo released the DLC “Deluxe Costumes” for Dead or Alive 6, featuring a total of 25 costumes for almost each character of the roster including Ayane, Kasumi, Marie Rose, Hitomi, Honoka, Nico, and may others.


Ayane & Bass

c005_01 c005_02


Bayman & Brad Wong 

c005_03 c005_04


Christie & Diego

  c005_05 c005_06 


Eliot & Hayabusa

c005_07 c005_08


Hayate & Helena

c005_09 c005_10


Hitomi & Honoka

c005_11 c005_12


Jann Lee & Kasumi

c005_13 c005_14


Kokoro & La Mariposa

c005_15 c005_16


Leifang & Marie Rose

c005_17 c005_18


Mila & Nico

c005_19 c005_20


Phase 4 & Raidou

c005_21 c005_22


Rig & Tina

c005_23 c005_24





The Deluxe Costumes are included as part of the Deluxe Costumes set for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam versions of Dead or Alive 6. They’re also available individually for the Xbox One version.


Dead or Alive 6 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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