Dead Secret Circle Is A Horror Game That Tests Your Interrogation Skills


Dead Secret Circle follows Patricia Gable into a condemned apartment complex in 1960’s Chicago, a place filled with some shady figures who may just have some clues about a dangerous killer who’s been stalking the city. If players want to live long, they’ll need to find out the secrets these people are hiding in order to unmask the killer before they’re murdered as well.


Dead Secret Circle allows players to investigate the apartment complex throughout their time there, searching for clues and puzzles that will give them some leverage against the people inside the complex. As they find out information about the people in the building, they’ll unravel more pieces of the killer’s story, steadily piecing together who they are. That said, the game features multiple endings, so the journey may not end well should players make for lousy investigators.

The killer isn’t content to let the player unmask them without putting up some resistance, either. Players will be stalked by The Laughing Man throughout their journey, and they do not possess any way of fighting back against this lethal opponent. Running and hiding are the only means of escape, with players needing to use their wits to avoid a bloody end.


Dead Secret Circle is available now through Steam and the game’s site.

Alistair Wong
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