Dead Synchronicity Merges Post-Apocalyptic Terror With The Adventure Game



Fictiorama Studios has published its dark adventure game Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today on Steam and GOG for Windows and Mac. It’ll cost you $19.99 at full price.


It paints a grim picture of the future that you abruptly arrive in and have to figure out, both in terms of what has happened there to cause such an ugly state for humanity, and the point-and-click puzzles the world is dotted with.


Some background: You play as Michael, a “man with no past,” who is out to find out his identity. The problem being that the “Great Wave” has caused a number of Earthly disasters, and humans are turning into “the Dissolve,” which gives them special cognitive abilities, but also makes them terribly sick and, within a short time, dissolve into nothing more than blood. Lovely. Oh, and also, the “dead synchronicity” is coming, which is the moment when time starts to dissolve itself.



All you really need to know is that everything has gone to pot and you need to hurry up and find out what your position in all this is, and if the incoming disaster can be prevented. You can expect to meet characters in dire situations, losing relatives to the disease, striking similar chords to Telltale’s The Walking Dead series.


Bringing the world to life or, well, to death, really, is its art style. It’s expressionist, meaning it concentrates on illustrating emotion rather than depicting reality. Faces are stretched, eyes are darkened, buildings roar into strange angles as they erode. It’s a world falling apart and the art style gets that much across.


If this is ticking any of boxes in your area of interest then perhaps consider giving Dead Synchronicity a look. Do know that it is episodic, and also know that it probably won’t be a happy ride. You can find out more about it on its website.

Chris Priestman