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Deadly Premonition Producer’s Visual Novel 7’scarlet For PS Vita Gets An Opening Movie



Deadly Premonition producer and Toybox co-founder Tomio Kanazawa has been working on a new mystery visual novel project called 7’scarlet for PlayStation Vita. Here’s a look at its opening movie.


We had a look at 7’scarlet last year, but Idea Factory haven’t shown too much on their Otomate brand title developed by Toybox. Below is a look at the opening video that was recently shared by Kanazwa:


Here’s a comment from the producer:


I proudly introduce the opening movie from my new mystery ADV project “7’scarlet”. Made it as all-live-action, without using any screenshots from the game at all. I wish this will be your new experience… Find the criminal, get closer to the truth and guess who done it!


Along with a description courtesy VNDB:

“I heard the investigation got called off… but if it’s OK with you, do you want to go check out Otonezato?”
“Me? I…”
A miracle called “despair” in a town known as “Otonezato”.
At first glance, it seems like a peaceful town. However, various enigmas and intentions lurk within.
The shadow of your disappeared older brother.
The cage of nature.
The taboo club of Otonezato.
A murder mystery.
The whispered “Legends of the Dead”.
The moonlight will shine upon and reveal the truth of this town.
“I won’t let you go… definitely. Not this time.”


7’scarlet will release in Japan on July 21, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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