Deal With Magic School And Demonic Pals In Highschool Romance: Magi Trials



Highschool Romance: Magi Trials takes players to magical school, letting them deal with the difficulties of classes, the challenges of demonic friendships, and the repercussions of certain magics.




Life at magical school can be intimidating, which is why the main character chose to use a certain spell to increase their abilities. That spell has somewhat dramatic effects on their body, though, and the player will have to navigate that sudden, unexpected change while dealing with regular, everyday life in the academy.


Highschool Romance: Magi Trials offers multiple decisions and routes players can take with their underworld pals and schoolmates, and these will lead to one of the game’s eight endings.




Players looking to experience life with wizards, demons, and magic can get Highschool Romance: Magi Trials now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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